Debt Negotiation Course

Complete E-Coaching Debt Negotiation Empire Course

This new course will teach you step by step exactly how to set up your debt negotiation and debt management business. Here’s how it works:

Brief, Easy to Understand Training Materials.

Each week I’ll send you out a download link (via email) for that week’s PDF Training Materials (more or less on these in a moment). These weekly materials will be CONCISE, but thorough … ranging from 10-12 pages. I’m trying to REMOVE “information overload”, not add to it. Each lesson covers foundational principles and practices, then moves on to the “core concept” where I share your main course of action.

Real Action-Oriented Assignments to Complete.

At the conclusion of each lesson will be 2-4 homework assignments to complete before the next lesson arrives the following week. You will be REQUIRED to complete and turn in the assignments to me. If the assignment needs “grading” by me, then I will personally email you back with suggestions. It doesn’t do you any good to have a “system” if you don’t know how to apply it to your business situation.

Personalized Q&A With Me Anytime During the 12-Weeks of your Enrollment.

You will have the opportunity to interact with me on a limited basis. While I can’t possibly be in constant consultation with all of the enrolled participants, I will answer any email question you have regarding a lesson and its application to your specific business. (Please no more that one question per day – no weekends). I don’t anticipate there being many questions due to the presentation of the content (It will be incredibly easy to apply), but I certainly will be available on a DAILY basis to answer any questions about the e-coaching materials.

By the end of this unique training program, you’ll have a system that you can continue working to grow your debt services business. That’s right, it’s completely scalable and flexible. Regardless of what new technologies or new strategies, etc. may come along, this system continues to work because of its structure.
Now, let me be perfectly clear about something …

Debt Negotiation is just part of the what you will be learning in this coaching program.

In just a moment I’m going to share what we will be covering in the E-Coaching lessons, but first let me state very clearly that this course is not limited to debt settlement coaching. This course will cover debt negotiation services that you can provide to both consumers and businesses. Debt Settlement will be the focus but we want you to have the full array of debt negotiation services (including the negotiation of small business’ debts) in mind as you complete the training program).
So, let’s talk about what is included in this coaching program:

Here’s Exactly What You Will Learn Over the Course of this Program

Lesson 1: Debt Settlement Overview and Roadmap. In our first lesson, we’ll provide a startup checklist of the initial tasks you will need to complete in the first few weeks to get your debt settlement business up and running. We will also show you the core action steps you will be taking to put your system in place so you are up and ready to handle your first client who comes through the door.

Lessons 2 through 5: Quick Start Lessons. These next 5 lessons give you concrete practical instruction on how to identify the proper client for your debt settlement services; how to come up with the specific details of your business plan; how to choose and work with the best back-end providers; and other necessary first steps you will need to take to get your business off the ground.

Lessons 6 through 9: Detailed Practice Lessons. In these four lessons, we’ll discuss the best way to get started with prospecting for new debt settlement clients at no up front cost to you. We will then also walk you through the process of negotiating a client’s debt with creditors, debt buyers, collection companies and attorneys. We will cover the strategies of reviewing credit reports with your clients and will provide you with sample scripts that you can incorporate into your business so that you will have the proper roadmap of how to communicate your services to your interested clients. You will also learn what you need to know to keep your new business out of legal troubles in your advertisements and sales practices.

Bonus Lessons: Watch for the two bonus lessons that are interspersed within the 12 lessons. The first bonus lesson will provide you additional insight into the inner workings of the money making opportunities that arise from completing this Debt Settlement Coaching Program. Keep a close eye out for the second bonus lesson which very well in and of itself may be worth more than the price you are paying to enroll in this E-Coaching course. We’ll keep that one a surprise but will reveal it to you during the E-Coaching Course. These bonus lessons are a great way for you to supplement your knowledge as you build the foundation for your debt settlement business.

Lessons 10 through 12: As we close out the last 3 lessons of the coaching course, many of you will already have taken all the necessary action steps to have your debt settlement company open for new business. These last three lessons will bring all of the information you have learned in the prior weeks together and will also provide you in depth training on the importance of understanding fair debt collection laws. Knowing these laws is important so that you can take necessary efforts where permitted to stop collection agencies from harassing your clients at both home and work where permitted in the various exceptions in the law.

We will also guide you through the process to identify the issues that you will cover with your business attorney should you choose to expand your business into debt negotiation services to be provided in multiple states.

Seriously, the next four weeks could change your life. The lessons are choc full of important instructions and content but are easy to read and will not be difficult to keep up with each week. You’ll learn how to “put it all together” so it makes sense. And so it makes money.

Who Qualifies to Enroll?

This multipart E-Coaching series is perfect for people of all levels of experience and knowledge.

You’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting me to give this away for the price of a cheap E-book. That’s not gonna happen. I charge $400 for one hour of telephone consultation … and you’re getting access for 12 weeks!

PS: We honor a money back guarantee, no questions asked if you request a full refund in the first 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with this home study course. This protects you if you are not sure that this course is right for you.  You have nothing to lose so sign up and begin your course of study today!To get started with your course and dive right into the first very important Quick Start lessons, click and make your payment below:

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