Debt Relief Services Compliance Requirements

There’s quite a few issues involved with keeping your debt relief services company in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws. If your company is providing debt relief services such as debt management, debt negotiation or debt settlement then your company needs to be concerned with the requisite requirements in your state or the various states in which you are offering your services.  Here’s a quick list of the issues to be concerned with:

  1. Is a licensed required to offer debt relief services in the various states my company offers our services?
  2. What are the licensing application requirements?
  3. Is a bond required to obtain the license?
  4. Are certain companies exempt from licensing?
  5. What are the top prohibited acts listed in the applicable states’ laws?
  6. What are the specific rules and restrictions about advertising my services?
  7. Are there any rules applicable to my company’s website?
  8. When I sign up a new client, are there any special rules that I must follow?
  9. Am I supposed to provide any special disclosures to my clients at the time I sign them up for my services?
  10. Does the law require me to have any special language in my agreements?
  11. Do I have to notify the state about any changes in my company after I receive my license?
  12. What restrictions are there about the types of fees I can charge and when I can collect those fees from the client?
These are just some of the items you should be concerned with. Do you already know the answers to these questions in the state or states in which you do business?