How to Write an eBook on the iPad

iPad Ebook Guide
How to Sell an Ebook Using Only Your iPad

Over the last few months I started working on a new “How to” instructional E-Book on the risks that mortgage companies face for working with loan originators who have not yet been licensed as required under each states loan originator licensing requirements. I was noticing that there were criminal penalties that the loan originator himself could face for unlicensed origination activities.

At the same time, I decided that this E-Book or special report or whatever I would decide To call it would be different. I decided to challenge myself to do something different here. I would write and publish this E-Book using only an iPad.

But then one evening light bulbs started going on in my head. Scrap the loan officer licensing E-Book and keep notes on how I overcome challenges to write and sell an E-Book using only an iPad. So at that point I stopped writing the mortgage related thing and started writing a step by step “How to” instructional E-Book on how to write and sell an E-Book using only an iPad. And it was a lot more fun to write …

The E-Book is now complete and I’m getting good feedback about the tips provided in the guide. It is priced pretty low, $14.99.

Download your copy of the How to Write and Ebook on the iPad Guide.