Learn the Ten Steps to Write and Sell an Ebook on Your iPad

When I was writing my most recent book, How to Write and Sell an Ebook Using Only

iPad Ebook Guide
How to Sell an Ebook Using Only Your iPad

Your iPad, I came to the realization that there were Ten Steps that I needed to complete during the process of completing a new instructional E-Guide and placing it for sale on my website.  These Ten Steps were the same ones I had been following for years but had never really listed on a piece of paper. What if I wrote down these ten steps with specific instructions and let others follow the same process in their Ebook sales business?

You can do that now, by reading my new Guide. I added the exact Ten Steps into the Guide and I included the html code for the four web pages that I use to make sales of my New Book.

Check it out here: How to Write and Sell Your Next Ebook Using Only Your iPad.